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Why choose us for window tinting Lake Haven?

Instint Window Tinting is here to accommodate everyone’s need when it comes to window tinting. Instint offers professional window tinting Lake Haven services to help reduce the heat inside your home, building, or car, and protect your things from premature fading because of UV rays.

What we do

At Instint, we can apply window tinting Lake Haven films to almost anything! It may be your automobile, your sailboat, your house, or your office. We are experts in window tinting and experienced in working with any kind of window.

Instint Window Tinting’s automotive tints are compliant with the laws, having 35% VLT (visible light transmittance). Our films will definitely improve the appearance of your automobile while protecting its interiors from UV rays and ensuring your privacy within. Our Lake Haven window tinting films are ideal, being scratch-resistant, having colour stability, and being virtually maintenance-free.

Your homes can also have a layer of protection from Instint Window Tinting. Our top quality tints can help block UV rays from damaging your valuable furniture pieces. Moreover, window tints help decrease the build-up of heat within your doors. Hence, it can help in lessening the need for air conditioning.

Commercial spaces in Lake Haven can experience the same benefits with Instint’s window tints. Our films are thick, very durable, and anti-vandal. They are perfect for any window, glass fronts, or glass doors.

Choose us for our skilled tinting experts

Instint Window Tinting is known throughout NSW because we employ only the best people to provide the most outstanding Lake Haven window tinting services. Our owner, Kevin Meth, has been in the business for over 26 years.He trains every employee to ensure that the quality remains the same over the years. Instint is a member of the International Window Film Association, and we pride ourselves of our promise that we will never defraud the industry.

Choose us for our top quality tints

Instint Window Tinting films are all made of industrial quality materials that deliver the protection necessary to avoid fading. We use only the strongest adhesives to make sure that our films stay in place without bubbles and cracks, and will not easily peel off.

Trust Instint to take care of its customers.We even offer professional Lake Haven window tinting advice to assist you in deciding which film will suit your needs.