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    Control the Sun with Solar Film

    Windows are an important part of any home, from the light they let in, to the views they reveal. However, they also create a host of problems ranging from excessive glare, heat build-up, high energy costs and potentially premature fading of carpets, curtains, furniture and floor coverings. Our office window tinting  can help you control these problems while providing increased comfort and lower overall energy costs.

    Save on Energy Costs!

    Windows play an important role in regulating heat and energy in your home, which can alter up to 30% of an average home’s utility bill in wasted loss of heat or heat gain through untreated windows. Our residential window tinting includes the application of  Solar Window films which can lower heating and cooling expenses by rejecting solar heat from the outside, eliminating hot and cold spots inside, and helping to prevent heat from escaping through the glass.

    Stop the Effects of Harmful UV Rays

    Fabrics, furnishings, artwork, and floor coverings can be damaged and fade simply by allowing daylight to pass through an untreated window. By blocking more than 99% of all UV rays, our Solar Window films will help preserve the colour of your fabrics, furnishings, and floor coverings and help protect fine antiques, woods and works of art from discolouration and fading.