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Some tints are sought after only to pimp up a ride. Others use tint to make themselves feel secure within their own office or house. Regardless of how you use your window tints, Instint’s Maitland Window Tinting professionals can deliver guaranteed high quality films that will take you to the dark side, literally.

What we do

Instint is a local Maitland window tinting service provider. We have applied tints on almost any type of window that exists in the planet. We have tints for automobilesbuildings, and houses.

Automotive tinting

If you ask around for the best Maitland window tinting who can service on automobiles, you will surely hear about us. Our clients are satisfied with how their cars look after we have applied our films. We only use high quality, scratch-free tints that are easy to maintain and does not fade. Our tint specialists are also knowledgeable on how much tint is allowed under the law. The highway patrol may not easily see who is in the driver’s seat but they will not flag you down for having too much tint.

Tints for houses

Some people tint the exteriors while others tint the interiors of their homes. That’s right! Instint’s Maitland window tinting films are not made to serve as coverage from UV rays alone. They are also used for aesthetic purposes. Some homeowners not only prefer to have their windows and garden glass doors tinted but also their glass walls that separate the living room and dining room.

Office tints

We, at Instint Maitland window tinting, also have films especially made for your office. Your tinted windows will help reduce the heat build-up inside your office and lessen the need for non-stop use of all air conditioning units. We can also apply tints on your glass walls to keep your privacy and that of your employees. Our Maitland window tinting films are thick, anti-vandal, and definitely durable.